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Bird count after tree felling

For a number of reasons this was the first chance I have had to do a count of the birds on the lane since the trees were felled at the end of February. I follow the format of the Great Garden Bird Count in watching for an hour, but extend it to every bird seen from the window, not merely those seen in the garden itself.

starling 12
magpie 6
blackbird 3
woodpigeon 3 courting
robin 2
jackdaw 2
carrion crow 2
chaffinch 1
grey heron 1.

Some changes of note:
no tits - the trees which came down were widely used by the tits and it seems they have moved elsewhere. This may account for their being only one finch also
no dunnock - the field isn't cleared but a lot of the growth which gave cover to the dunnocks has gone. The plans include hedge planting and I hope both that this happens and that the dunnocks return as they are a species whose numbers are declining nationally.
no wren - although the part of the tree in which they nested still remains it may be the felling work disturbed them.

On the positive side - no squirrels have been seen since the trees came down.

The feeders have gone, of course, I hope to replace them with some in the garden when covid nonsense allows.

Grey herons have been seen there before but not for a number of years. I wonder if a neighbour has restocked their fish pond.

Of course this is only a single observation and I plan to keep looking over the forthcoming weeks to see if these changes are sustained or if the missing birds return.