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big butterfly count

Settled down in my ‘sunny spot’ for the 15 min of the Butterfly Conservation Trust’s big butterfly count. This, of course, immediately triggered a complete cloud covering together with what the weatherman describes as ‘precipitation’. Despite this managed to see 4 small white butterflies in the allotted time. Casual observation over the year suggests that this is by far the most common butterfly on the lane, being joined by the occasional small tortoiseshell, ringlet and meadow brown.

Was up by Sand Beds Lane (between Cowpe Lowe and Balladen) earlier in the week for the plantlife wild flower count and noticed loads of butterflies up there on a mixed nettle/spear thistle patch. At least 8 small tortoiseshells, probably more, and a smattering of small whites and meadow browns. Why the nettles up there are tastier than the ones on the lane I’m not sure, or whether the thistles make all the difference… anyway the big butterfly count got to hear of those as well.

19 butterfly thumbnail