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warm winter

This winter has been much warmer than last, with the temperatures barely falling below zero and no snow to speak of. This has been seen in the wildlife of the lane, with blackbirds singing in late December (29th), great tits on the first week of January (6th) and the pussy willow in flower by Jan10th. The velvet shank is back too.

The mild weather has been stormy however with some pretty stiff winds. One of these brought down the ash tree in the centre of the field sometime this week. Interestingly it looks to have snapped rather than have been uprooted so it may have been a bit dodgy anyway. The field will look different without it and I’m glad now that I took the photos late last year. This isn’t the first time that a set of photos were taken, only for the landscape to change within weeks.

fallen ash 3-3 thumbnail

There was a female blackcap in the lime tree on the lane last week, a first. Its a pity the BTO winter blackcap survey was last year... There was also a flock of Canada geese flying over this morning and a raven over Marl Pits - not strictly on the lane so not counted on the species list but pretty close.

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