New Year's resolutions

Happy New Year!

As this is the time for New Year's resolutions, I have come up with some one-place studies resolutions:

1. continue to get organised. This means finishing cataloguing my files/books/paper resources etc…
2. follow the Society for One-Place Studies shared endeavour of 'employment' over the next 12 months. This will be determined to some extent by the direction set by the society but I would like to look at the employment in Springhill and area as recorded in the census. What occupations were represented? How did that change over time? What is the pattern of child employment? Who had domestic servants - a quick look at the 1861 census indicates that domestic servants were employed by people lower down the employment ladder than might be expected.
3. increase 'networking' (I hate that phrase!) with other OPSers and those involved in similar fields - one-name studies, local history, genealogy etc. As a minimum I will continue #OnePlaceWednesday on Twitter, try to get involved in #AncestryHour (though that is not at a good time for me) and take part in shared endeavours, both the SOPS employment one and the FACHRs gardener. Ideally I'll manage a genealogy fair and join a Tweetup but who knows.
4. give something back - random acts of genealogical kindness, join in a transcribing project, be more reliable with my volunteering at the local museum.

Does anyone else have any OPS goals for 2020?