T is for Tree Prevervation

Springhill is a Conservation Area, having been designated as such in 1975. The proposal for Conservation Area status described various less attractive features of the area with grand ideas for their improvement. Few of them came to pass.

Conservation Areas were established from 1967 onwards by the local authorities under the planning regulations as being of particular historical or architectural interest. The proposal documents therefore give detailed descriptions of the area and its buildings, often with details of their history.

Conservation areas are now governed under the Planning (listed building and conservation areas ) Act 1990 which detailed how buildings are to be listed (none in Springhill) and established that conservation areas should be reviewed periodically.

In addition to planning controls, one aspect of the conservation area is tree preservation. Tree preservation orders can exist separately from conservation area status and not every tree in a conservation area is preserved. However most trees in Springhill are subject to tree preservation areas, including every one on the lane.

Tree preservation orders were initially established under Pt VIII of Town & Country Planning Act 1990. This was superseded by the Town & Country Planning (Tree Preservation) (England) Regulations 2012. Orders made before 6 April 2012 remain in force.

Tree preservation orders prohibit:
Cutting down
Cutting roots
Wilful damage
Wilful destruction
Without written permission from the Local Authority.

That doesn't prevent people occasionally having a go at a protected tree and there is one tree in Springhill with a patch of bark removed from the base of the tree, allegedly by a resident in the 1990s who wanted it removed to facilitate car parking…