52 residents #52 too many to mention

I set myself the challenge of discussing 52 people who have lived in Springhill or influenced life in the area. It has covered residents, landowners, endowers of charities, non-conformists of various persuasions, a snooker player, WW1 casualties, a C17 philanderer and a plethora of ordinary people.

So who to use as the final entry?

Harold Whitehead, wool buyer and member of a huge local textile family?
RC Turner who married the lady who inherited the Springhill estate (Elizabeth Ann Ashworth) and managed it 'on her behalf'?
John Lord, flour seller?
Harry Taylor, purchaser of Sunset View and one of five generations of his family to live there?
Frank Bell, butcher and member of well known local family?
Vinnie Campbell, who harassed the buyers of his previous house?

But I will sign out of this series with this pair, who moved into the lane this year.

shrek 200 donkey 200

Happy New Year everyone!