Local traditions - BRGS leavers' day

The exact date varies from year to year, but on a (usually) sunny day in mid May the 6th form at the local grammar school stand down for revision and A levels.

Traditions around this have evolved over the years. In the 1970s it comprised holding hands in the hall and singing ‘Aud Lang Syne’ followed by de-bagging the head boy and girl and hanging their trousers over the school clock.

More recently things have become more sophisticated:
On the third last day the pupils come in their old school uniforms. As the 6th form takes from a wide range of lower schools there is plenty of variety.
On the second last day they come in their leavers’ hoodies. That in itself is a change from ‘tasteless shirt day’ from a few years ago.
On the last day they come in fancy dress, sing songs and eat lunch provided by the school

Then comes the ‘walk’ (out of school hours), taking in the Jolly Sailor, the Boar’s Head, the Red Lion, the White Lion, the Queen’s Arms then heading off down towards Edenfield…

fancy dress brgs leavers 200 red lion may brgs 200

As well as three generations of my family, all Springhill residents, attending BRGS Mr Holden, the second headmaster of the school, lived in Lawn House.