Rossendale Free Press 22 June 1889

Sion Baptist Chapel, Cloughfold. School Sermons, July 14th 1889. Preacher, Dr Lorimer, of Chicago.

Newchurch District Working Men's Conservative Association. The foundation stone laying of the new Conservative Club by Lord Charles Beresford, RN, MP, and Mrs Robt Mitchell, Springfield House, will take place on Saturday June 29th at 3 pm. Prior to the stone-laying, there will be a grand procession of the members of the Primrose Habitations of Rossendale. A knife and fort tea will be provided by Mr Gooding in the Newchurch National School [followed by] a grand inaugural meeting of the Victoria Habitation of the Primrose League.

Rawtenstall Fair. Humph! Well, it's only fair that the juveniles should have a gambol as well as older folk. We have mostly had our little Whitsuntide frolics, and should not be hard on the children - young and old - whose pulses can still throb at the thought of pelting sticks at the sardonic features of "Old Aunt Sally"; at "Luck in a tub" - at being galvanised for a halfpenny, photographed on a tin for a "Tanner," and drifted over imaginary seas in drylands ships for a modest "Meg." And then the succulent five-year-old nuts; and the brandy snap (all snap and no brandy); and the music - the mercilessly modulated music; and the performing birds, the ice cream, the ghost shows, the black-puddings and the shooting galleries. What a motley combination to be sure, and yet the majority enjoy it. The noise and glitter are in sharp contrast to the quiet, work-a-day garb that the district ordinarily wears that it comes to many in the shape of a pleasant relief - a break in the otherwise unbroken monotony. This year, however, the showman will be under a cloud. The Whitsuntide holidays have only preceded the fair by a few days, and, as a consequence his takings at Rawtenstall are likely to be meagre in the extreme, notwithstanding the delightful weather, which would otherwise have largely assisted his revenue.

The Hay Harvest. With the continuance of the splendid weather of the past few weeks, several of the farmers in the district have completed the hay harvest. The crops are good and have been garnered in excellent condition.

Paying off an old score - On Wednesday, before Messers Ruston and TH Whitehead, Mary Ellen Scholes, Newchurch, was charged under warrant with having used profane language at Newchurch in March 1888. She absconded at the time. In default of paying a fine of 5s and costs, she was now sentenced to a week's imprisonment.

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