52 residents in 52 weeks #32 Thomas Ormerod

Thomas Ormerod lived pretty much all his life in Springhill or the immediately surrounding area. It is quite possible that he scarcely ventured outside a radius of a couple of miles or so.
He was born ~1842 in 'Cloughfold' at a time when Cloughfold comprised of only a couple of dozen properties or so. He was the 5th son of George Ormerod, Stone Mason and his wife Betty. He is still there, in 'Cloughfold', in 1851. Thanks Mr Enumerator for pinning down the houses so precisely…
It was no better in 1861, when Thomas was living in 'Cloughfold' with his parents. By this time he was working as a labourer. Interestingly this household on census night included three grandchildren of George and Betty, each with different surnames… Schofield, Ingham and Ormerod. Mmm.
1871 finds him married to Fanny with two children, John Thos (b ~ 1866) and Jane Ann (b ~ 1870). He is now a farm servant in 'Cloughfold'. In 1866 at the baptism of John Thomas (at Newchurch St Nicholas) his occupation is given as 'gardener'.

Ormerod T 250

1881 'Thirteen Cloughfold' with wife Mary Ann (b Preston, ~ 1842) and children Jane (b ~ 1870), James (b ~ 1871) and John Richard (b ~ 1873) together with a niece Sarah Jane Lonsdale, b Cloughfold ~ 1855 and male lodger John Taylor. By this time he was a farm labourer.
1891 'The Green, Newchurch' with third wife Annie, all of 1/2 mile away if that. Occupation at this time was 'labourer in general'
1901 and 1911 in Springhill. In 1901 this is specified as Springhill Cottage, now a substantial dwelling. He was a farm labourer on both censuses. It is probable that at least some of his time as a farm lab was spent working on Springhill Farm.
He did nothing remarkable that we know of, getting on with his life. Life was sad at times, with him burying two wives, work hard and finances probably tight.