#OnePlaceBlackSheep James Pilling

Lancashire Record Office QSP 622/28 1686
‘Bad character of James Pilling of Deadwenclough’
All wch is certified against the sd Pilling to be true, and more particularly hath playd the theif at Haslingden and other places and stole John Whittakers work looms and used to keep his cattle and horses uppon other mens pastures hauving none of his owne (and now keeping in a house contrary to the will of the owner) and the 17th of this instant May rescued his horse or mare and violently tooke her out of the hands of the servants of Alexander Howorth uppon whose grounds the sd Mare was taken  trespassing, and wounded one of the servants of the sd Alexandr and used violence against all of them, is asserted by Tho. Saunders minister at the New church in Rossendale
In a word he is a lawless person and cares not so what he doth speakes or sweares
Tho Saunders
James Piccop
Adam Bridg
These may certify his majesties justices of this parish and all others whom it may concerne that James Pilling of Dedwenclough in the forrest of Rossendale and County of Lancaster woolen webster[1] is and for diverse years last past hath been an idle dissolute persen and of bad name fame credit after [extremes] and reports repute that he hath been suspected to have committed diverse petty theft and felonies and is a grabbing[2] quarrelsome fellow very abusive and much disquiete troubles and wronging his neighbours that he is a [pa—er ] [broaser][3] and guilty of divers and sundry other misdemeanours all of which we may bid to cerfity this 22th day of May Anno II Jacobi [] [] and [] [4]1686
James Piccop
Jon Ashworth
Robert Ashworth
Edmund Ashworth
Olliver Pilling
Richard Holland
Thos Saunders
Jas Nuttall
John Hoult
Edw Couper
James Ashworth
Henry Hargreaves
George Ashworthe
Tho Miller
John Heaton
James Hey
Richard C-anis—y 

[1] = weaver
[2] Looks like it says brabling – possibly a dialect or archaic word
[3] bruiser?
[4] Think this is Latin along the lines of King of England and Scotland

(grateful thanks to Dr J Few for checking the transcript)

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