52 residents # 18 where there's a will

I've blogged before about the will of Mary Patrick nee Ashworth, the terms of which were still in dispute 25 years later.
I've also blogged about the will of Charles Patrick, and the codicil describing his wishes regarding the equitable distribution of the water on Saunder Height between his two beneficiaries.

I will go however with the will of Bathsheba Davenport, milliner, spinster, of Newchurch, d 4 Sept 1893. This has some fascinating clauses:

A legacy to the children of her nieces or nephews if any happen to be blind, for as long as they remain blind. If none be blind then to the blind people associated with a number of local churches specified in the document.
Pictures of Mr and Mrs Gladstone (with frames) to one great nephews.
Her underclothing, in equal shares, to her two nieces.

The will I want to track down however it that of Lettice Jackson who died in the mid C17, leaving land to the Rector of Newchurch.Oh how I want to know where that was.