local history groups

Whilst I started this study by wanting to know more about Captain Patrick (and I still do!), I find myself drifting back to the C17 on a regular basis. The area was just beginning to emerge from Forest law and becoming populated with families. The Court rolls document the administration of their lives: surrender and admittance, trespass, failing to keep a highway, keeping a house of ill repute…

I have also been thinking about joining a local history group but there are few available locally. The Helmshore local history society is not active at present and the Edenfield Local History Society, whilst remaining a possibility,concentrates on the history of Edenfield which doesn't really overlap with my area.

I was browsing on the website of the Pendle Heritage Society and found to my interest that their archeology section includes a project on the vaccary system existing in the area in medieval and early modern times. This sparked my interest, as my redefined study boundary is based on the vaccary boundary from forest law days. Sadly details on the project on this site are scanty but there is a field walking day locally…on a day I'm not available… bother! Despite the 'Pendle' title the group claims to cover the old Blackburnshire hundred which certainly did include my patch.

So I've emailed for further details. Is it unnatural to be excited about an organisation studying C16 cow farms?

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