Rossendale Free Press 27 July 2889

Narrow Escape - On Sunday evening, a little child living near Cloughfold Post office narrowly escaped being run over. It was in the road opposite Irwell terrace, when a horse and trap proceeding towards Rawtenstall came along, and before the child could get away it was knocked down. Fortunately, the driver had seen the youngster's danger, and pulled up sharply, so that the wheels of the trap did not go over the child, which escaped uninjured.

At Rawtenstall Police Court on Monday, Samuel Foulds, of Alma Cottages, Cloughfold, a sub-overlooker at Hall Carr Milll, was brought up under warrant, and fined 20s and costs, with the alternative of one month's hard labour, for having brutally assaulted Ada Rebecca Bruce, a spinner employed at the same mill, on Thursday the 18th inst.

On Thursday at the same court, the sitting magistrates were asked to issue a warrant for the arrest of john Standard, a cloughfold weaver employed at Irwell Mill, failing his answer to a summons for waylaying and assaulting J.W. Crook, a man whose duty it was to report defendant's defective work. Stagnant waylaid Crook on his way home, and without provocation or warning, struck him on the head and kicked him. Mr. Whiittaker, who appeared for Crook, asked for heavy punishment, on the ground that all men should be protected in the performance of duty. The warrant was granted.

In 1858, the estimated population was 19,256,516 and the total number of paupers was 940.552, or 48.5 per thousand of the estimated population. OnJanuary 1st last, the estimated population was 28,628,604 and the total number of paupers 817,045, or 28.5 per thousand of the population…Taking the districts themselves…the north-western district, embracing Lancashire and Cheshire, was the lowest in all England…[being] 19.9 per thousand…Lancashire as a county stock in a meter position than any other part of the country, the average number of paupers being 19.3 per 1000…There was only one Union in Lancashire that stood better than Haslingden, and that was Prestwich, where the number of paupers was one in 9 of the population, whilst at Haslingden it was one in 95.

Homing Pigeon Protection Society. This society are offering a reward to any person who will give information leading to the conviction of anyone who as feloniously shot, injured or stolen any homing pigeons, the property of members of this society. Birds belonging to members are sometimes set free at a considerable distance away from home, and it is supposed that some which have flown over this district have been hereabouts shot or stolen. The secretary (Mr. Taylor, Oldham) would be glad to receive any information of the same.

Dog Beyond Control - For this offence Enoch Tattersall, farmer, Waingate, was mulcted in 5s including costs.

Rawtenstall 151-7 v Heywood, rain stopped play.

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