I am no expert on place names, though I find the subject fascinating.

Some are wonderfully vague. I suppose it was obvious to the parties involved in transactions recorded in the Court Rolls which were the ‘certain properties in Deadwenclough’ but I wish they had been more specific. The ‘Great Field behind the house’ does give us some clue but the ‘Cow Pasture’ could be anywhere…

Some need no interpretation however. Within 10 miles of Springhill we have
Wind Hill (Heywood)
Hailstorm Hill (Edenfield)
Hades Hill (Rochdale)

and, a little further away, Winter Hill.

hurdles quarry 200

need I say more? Wet Moss (Musbury) or Wet Marl Wood (Burnley)and needs no explanation either.

However Dry Hill (Oswaldtwistle) sounds a bit more optimistic.

All this is before the guys from Rude Britain start…Titter ye not!

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