Bacup Times 27 April 1889

The Waterbarn Baptists held a jubilee of their Sunday School on Saturday when about 1000 past and present scholars assembled, and many interesting reminiscences of old times were exchanged. Amongst those present was the Rev Thomas Dawson, the father of the place, who is now 84 years of age and who was at the opening of the school in 1838.

The requisition to be presented to Mr Henry Maden, J.P., requesting him to become the candidate for the Parliamentary division of Rossendale, has been placed in the hands of the canvassers throughout the division. Every preparation has been made for a thorough canvass of the constituency, as though a Parliamentary contest was in process. By this means a reliable statement, it is anticipated, will be obtained of the voting strength of the Liberal Party in Rossendale…Language would be inadequate to convey an idea of the effect upon the Liberalism of Rossendale, were Mr Maden to say "Yes". We have every hope he will give an affirmative reply, because Mr Maden has never left the people in the lurch.

We are glad to learn that the efforts which are being put forth to place the Bacup Natural History Society on a more substantial and proper footing are meeting with most gratifying success. The committee have been fortunate in obtaining the premises in Yorkshire Street now occupied by Mr Robert Stewart…which they propose to furnish in a comfortable manner, so that the members may meet nightly, or as often as they think proper, for mutual edification or recreation. Already nearly 100 members have been enrolled…

On Thursday a deputation consisting of the Mayor [of Bacup], Councillors Barrowclough and Smith, accompanied by Alderman Disney, Taylor and Dirty, Councillors Thompson, Pilling and Compton with the surveyor, went to Halifax to inspect a system of sewage treatment, the invention of Mr Jagger, C.E., of Leeds.

The Easter vestry meeting was held at St Nichola' Church, Newchurch, on Tuesday, for the election of church wardens. The Rev S.J. Bastow, curate in charge, presided and the four churchwardens were re-elected as follows:- Mr George Pilling, St James's terrace, Waterfoot, and Mr John Kenyon, Brynbella, Rawtenstall, vicar's wardens, Mr J Clare Cunliffe, Fearns and Mr J Bownass, Scout, parishioners' wardens. Some of those present suggested the election of a fifth warden, and Mr Ashworth Taylor, of Glen Top, was appointed, subject to the election being confirmed by an adjourned meeting to be held next Tuesday, when the propriety of adding to the number of wardens will be definitely settled. Captain Patrick and Mr H.H. Bolton, J.P. were elected representatives to the Diocesan Conference.

On Thursday afternoon a little child, about four years of age, was caught by one of the tram engines passing Cawl-terrace. The child was carried for a distance of about twelve yards, but fortunately escaped uninjured. The engine was running at slackened speed at the time.

At a meeting of the congregation was held at Sion Baptist Chapel, Cloughfold, on Wednesday night. The Rev W.C. Davies, B.A. presided. It was unanimously resolved to proceed at once with the re-painting, re-beautifying and re-carpeting of the chapel. Already £110 has been promised for the purpose, and a member of the congregation volunteered to lend the remainder free of interest.

Rossendale United 3 - 1 Southport Central

Rawtenstall 88 all out, Burnley 77 all out.

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