Reviewing old photographs

A request from a relative for copies of some old family photos had me (rummaging through the photo box) revisiting my carefully sorted and stored archive, ahem. Not only did this trigger lots of good memories but I also found a number of pictures relevant to my Springhill study.

A number of pictures of family members entering the church for weddings shows something of the layout of the graveyard before it was redeveloped when the old church was dismantled and the flats erected. These are on the Sion - old pictures album.

A small number of pictures of family members in the village give an idea of the village in days before. These are in the old Higher Cloughfold and Higher Cloughfold albums.

A fabulous picture of my grandmother with nine other girls standing in a row with hands on their heads, c 1908. This is on the education page.

Pictures of Springhill Cottage’s garden 1955-60 and Sunset View 1960s, linked on the houses page under the respective properties.

This lovely picture of two Springhill residents Eileen Taylor (Sunset View) and Ivy Bell (The Cot) date and place unknown but probably mid 1970s.

mum and Ivy bell thumbnail

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