Rossendale Free Press 4 May 1889

We now change to the Rossendale Free Press, which is now available online and gives better coverage of events in the Rawtenstall area than the Bacup Times does. As these were published on different days of the week there is a couple of days gap in the coverage.

Notice - the ingathering of Israel (the Lost Ten Tribes), for those that are grafted into Christ for the soul to receive the second graft of Christ into them, for the redemption of the mortal body to enter into Life Eternal, is intended to be preached by John Gill, in the Meeting-room, Scoutbottom, on Sunday Next, to commence at 3 in the afternoon, and 6 in the evening.

To farmers and pig keepers - The young boar 'Hero', the property of Mr Enoch Tattersall, Waingate, Rawtenstall, isn ow open to serve a limited number of sows at 4s each at the above address. His quality and breed cannot be beaten.

The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Bill…was read for the third time [in Parliament].

Wanted immediately, a female assistant for the Cloughfold Mixed School, one who can teach singing by the Tonic Sol-fa Notation. Salary £40 per annum. Applications to be sent on or before the 8th inst, with testimonials, to the Clerk, Fred W Goldsmith, 14 Ash street, Bacup.

A rather curious case under the pedlar's licensing Act occurred recently in Accrington to a Haslingden man named William Lee, who describes himself as a Colporteur or Evangelistic Missioner. It appears that he is the author of several religious pamphlets, which he sells to those he visits. He was recently arrested in Accrington on a charge of hawking without a licence. When brought to the Police Station he denied his liability under the Pedlars' Act and stoutly refused to take out a license. The police authorities appear to have been in so much doubt as to the legality of their action that he was set at liberty. Since then he writes stating that he has communicated with the Home Secretary, and received a reply confirming his right to prosecute his work and sell his pamphlets without restriction.

On Wednesday afternoon, those children attending Cloughfold Board School who had passed their various standards at the recent government examination were presented with certificates. The distribution was made by Mr Hy Schofield, chairman of the Board.

Closing of the lighting season - The Lighting season in Rawtenstall and Haslingden closed with the last day of April, and from Wednesday night the district has each evening been wrapped in intense darkness. As usual there have been many complaints, and in come cases not unjustly either. It will be a source of great satisfaction in inhabitants when some arrangement can be entered into for lighting the lamps with the nights are long and dark rather than having fixed lighting seasons as at present.

On Saturday the birds were singing most joyously in the woods, and larks in dozens were probing forth their song high above the grass fields. On passing the large rookery at Broadcloth I heard the young rooks in their nexts, they must have been hatched our a few days before. In a meadow I saw two pairs of yellow wagtails (Ray's), a grey wagtail, a northern species which occasionally breeds in our district, and a few common (pied) wagtails…a friend tells me a few [ring ouzels] have already put in an swallows or sand martins have yet appeared and although the cuckoo has been seen…it is yet mute.

Rifle Volunteers - The members of the Haslingden Company of the 3rd LRV had the first march out of the season
last Saturday afternoon when the assembled at the Drill Hall and marched to Rawtenstall.

The corner stone of the new church of St John, Cloughfold was laid last Saturday afternoon by Mrs Geo Hy Ruston, of Bowden, under most favourable circumstances…the church is designed in the Decorated style, and is being built from plans prepared by the eminent architects of ecclesiastical edifices, Messers Palsy and Austin of Lancaster. It's nave will be 75 ft long, 23 ft 6 in broad, 24 ft high. There will be accommodation for 450 worshippers. Its estimated cost of erection is £5300, of which £3860 had been raised prior to Saturday last.

Rawtenstall 123 all out, Oldham 62 for 3 at stumps.

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