2021 in review.

I didn't make many public resolutions or targets for my study in 2021 but nevertheless there were a number of plans I was hoping to complete over this year. So how did I get on?

Well the unofficial targets I set myself were:

1. Complete transcribing the census for Springhill and immediate area. This is almost finished as I have just completed 1901and hopefully will have 1911 finished soon. I'm aware that 1921 census becomes available next month but will probably hold off whilst it remains on pay per view. Conclusion: significant progress

2. Construct trees for the main families in Springhill. I've done this in Heredis family history software and uploaded the Gedcoms to Ancestry but am not entirely happy with the way they appear there and have had little in terms of relevant 'hints' back. I'm considering looking at Wikitree as an alternative. Conclusion: completed, but not satisfied with the outcome and there are always more families to add…

3. Finish transcribing the Inquisition into the death of Joshua Nuttall, gent, 12 May 1693 who owned property in the area. As 'finish' implies, I have started this but it remains as unfinished as it was in January. Conclusion: erm…

4. Contribute to each of the Society of One-Place Studies monthly blog prompts. I managed to post something relevant on Twitter about each of these, not all accompanied by a full blog on here. Conclusion: completed - sort of.

5. Continue to document the journey of covid, and the building of the bungalow in New Croft Meadow. Conclusion: ongoing but up to date.

What was striking about this year was developments which were completely unanticipated this time last year. The main ones of these are:

1. Recommencing volunteering at the Whitaker, the local museum, working with the curator to help catalogue and research the provenance of some of their objects and documentation. This led to a presentation on 'Sunday School Teas' as part of the December SOPS webinar on #OnePlaceCelebrations, using material from Sion amongst other places.

2. Following asserting boldly that of course it was possible to conduct a one-place study using free resources, I commenced a study of the Newlands Valley in Cumbria with the intention of completing a SOPS in-depth review of a place and a webinar on progress in due course.

3. I took up the roles of Tweetmeister and Insta diva for SOPS following illness of a committee member. This just reiterated what a fabulous job Steve does managing the Society's social media - thanks v much, much appreciated.

4. Perhaps the most unexpected was becoming Chair of the aforementioned Society for One-Place Studies. I'm in that strange mix of eager anticipation and 'how on earth did that happen' which has followed many of my personal and professional decisions. There is a full committee of fabulous, experienced and talented people and I'm looking forward to working with them.

And, finally, a new granddaughter. Totally unexpected this time last year.

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