52 residents #7 'favourite discovery'

Favourite discovery? Ooh there are so many!

- Chancery documents which outline the resolution of a dispute between the nieces of Springhill resident Mary Ann Patrick nee Ashworth over the details of her will. Not only do these list every property, many with residents, but it also includes a copy of her husband, Charles Patrick's signature. This enabled me to match it with that on an earlier document thus proving that the reason he cannot be found in the UK between 1820s and 1855 is because he was in Canada.

- The deeds to Sunset View which gives a thorough description of the rights of way and restrictive covenants in the area

- Contact with a relative of Charles Patrick which led to the copy of his funeral card. They had a copy within the family but didn't know how it fitted in.

- grubbing around in the cellar of Springhill Farmhouse trying to work out how the cellars, ground floors and first floors of Springhill Farm and 2 Springhill relate to each other, with all three floors being different dimensions.

- the gravestone of a young woman and one-day old baby who died on consecutive days. A sad story behind that one.

But my favourite discovery would be to find that the local newspaper has been digitised…