Rossendale Free Press 8 June 1889

ROSSENDALE had its share of torrent and thunderstorm on Sunday, and though the sheet rain fell for an hour or two in the early morning, and seventy minutes in the afternoon the damage done was by no means inconsiderable. The Irwell rose several feet, hillside roads were suddenly converted into angry gulleys, hundreds of houses were flooded, cattle were maimed, trees were struck and telegraph and telephone posts splintered by lightening, the railway tack was washed up near Ewood Bridge, and all this as the result of a brief summer stone, a storm which passed away as suddenly as it came, and left a bright sun the sole occupant of a cloudless sky.

The hay crop in this district (which is fully a month earlier than usual) is now in process of being garnered. Several farmers have made a commencement, and if the weather keeps up it promises to be housed in capital condition. An excellent second crop will be the almost certain outcome of the forward season.

The sale of Alter Grange during the week has attracted purchasers from all parts of the country, and aroused not a little interest in the immediate vicinity of Rawtenstall. The house and grounds proper were put up on Monday, but failing suitable bidders were withdrawn and on Wednesday were privately disposed of to Mr R Worswich, of Green Bank (the adjoining estate) for the sum of £3000. [Alder Grange…until recently occupied by Mr Thomas Whitehead deceased…]

DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES TO SUNDAY SCHOOL SCHOLARS. The annual distribution of prizes for good conduct and regular attendance to scholars attending Zion Baptist Sunday School, Cloughfold, took place last Sunday evening. Mr J.W. Hargreaves, the superintendent, presented the prizes to the girls, and the Rev W.C Davies, pastor, performed the same duty on behalf of the boys. Short addresses ere made by Mr Hargreaves, Mr Henry Jackson and Mr Oliver Eatough.

Mr H J Robinson, district coroner, wrote enclosing the recommendation of the jury at an inquest on the body of a stranger who died suddenly in Bacup last Friday. The jury drew attention to the great want of a public mortuary in Bacup, and complained that bodies should be left in public places. The coroner said he entirely agreed with the suggestion of the jury, and believed a public mortuary where post-mortem examinations might be conducted t o be a necessity in such places as Bacup.

Rishton v Rawtenstall. Rawtenstall 51 all out, Rishton 36 for 8 before the 'game ended in nothing less than a feud' following a contentious stumping.

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