52 residents # 28 multiple

In the beginning (well about 1840) there was a house. Springhill House.

By about 1855 Springhill House was larger, possibly to accommodate the increasing number os servants the new 'master of the house', but it was still one house. At some stage it acquired a number of outbuildings and a billiard hall.

After Patrick's death in 1896 Springhill House was subdivided into two, then known as Springhill House and Lawn House. Lawn House was further subdivided in 1934 into what is now Lawn House and Sunset View. At the same time at least two, probably three of the outbuildings were converted into separate houses.

So one became six.

(Just to make things easier, there is another Spring Hill House in Acre, Stacksteads about 2 miles away, together with a Spring Side House and at least two Springfield Houses…)

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