N is for Nursing Home

Springhill House was ran as a Nursing Home from 1964 to 1991. This was a limited company from 1965 and bought out Portman Registrars and Nominees in 1970. This seems to have been an unhappy time for the business and with 5 proprietors in 12 years it is unlikely to have ever made much money.

The Memorandum of Association of Springhill Nursing Home Ltd is somewhat ambitious, including:
the provision of private nursing or maternity services
the training of medical students
employment of surgical officers
Ambulance or other Motor Vehicle Proprietors
dealers in stretchers
organise garden parties
provide reading rooms and libraries

and so it goes on.

To the best of my knowledge it did none of the above except act as a care home for the elderly.

Two anecdotes:
at one stage the residents were three to a room with no privacy for dressing or toileting
the house doubled as the family home of the proprietors and their dog had been known to pinch the residents’ mince pies

The home closed as a nursing home in 1991 (secondary to new regulations setting minimum standards for care in such homes) and reverted to a private dwelling shortly afterwards.

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