Storm Frank and friends

There have been a number of storms over the winter periods with episodes of localised flooding. Most of these were flash floods but some in the Sprighill area came close to flooding property.

flood bacup rd Jan 16 200

A bit further afield on Burnley Road East at Scoutbottom (and still in the OPS Deadwenclough area) was evidence of a minor landslip. It is perhaps as well that the house is both present and secure as it appears to be holding up the hillside.

landslip scoutbottom Jan 16 200

Further afield, there was significant flooding in the Irwell valley around Ewood Bridge, Irwell Vale and Strongstry. As well as flooding property in Irwell Vale the floods washed away part of the Irwell Sculpture Trail including the bridge connecting Strongstry and Chatterton. I have been told, but not verified, that its maintenance is the responsibility of one particular householder. Bet he wishes he checked the land registry docs more thoroughly before buying.

Unfortunately this means that the Irwell Sculpture trail is unwalkable in the Ewood Bridge area (as the path fell into the river) and that the chocolate cafe walk is now unsafe

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