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Petition re maintenance of child of Francis Bridge
Lancashire Record Office QSP 198/9 c1660
To the right worshipfull his Masties Justices of the peace and Quarum for the County Pallatine of Lancaster the Petition of the Churchwardens and Overseers of the poore of the pish of Rossendale,
Humbly Showeth
That Francis Bridge of Dedwenclough in the pish of Rossendale aforesaid having married one Ann Chadwicke daughter unto Robert Chadwicke of Spotland in the pish of Ratchdale and having [sue] by her two children the younger whereof being borne about some eight or nine weekes agoe the said Francis before the birth thereof did disowne his wife inso much that when she was in Child bed she had utterly [Starved] for want of convenient necessaries (as we have heard and do verily believe) had it not been for her friends and some of her charitable neighbours, who did looke uppon her in that condition, as an object of their pittie and charitie: But so it is as soone as Ann mother unto the said Infant had [recovered] health and Strength [shee] [overrun] the said Infant; and so exposed it to the hazard of the world, which said Infant being brought unto us by a poor woman disowned by its father and [overunne] by its mother we thought it no lesse than that we did [concerne] our pittie to save the child from perishinge by providing [conveniently?] for it until we [could] have opportunitie to make our addresses unto your worshipps for your present consideration;
May it therefore please your worhsipps that we may have an order whereby the said Francis may be Compelled to provide for his child without further charge unto the parish and that he may likewise be accoumptable to the parish for what they have already spent; and laid out concerninge the child; he beinge Heire unto an estate of fortie pounds per annu; as it is commonly reported to be; and he having the one halfe thereof in his own possession; and so we shall pray (as in duty bound) for your worshipps health and happinesse.
[Peter] Ormerode
John Law
John Ormerod
Adam Bridge
Robert Ashworth
Thomas Rawsthorne

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