Bacup Times 6 April 1889

Notice: James Taylor, Lord Street, Rawtenstall, IS NO LONGER AUTHORISED to collect accounts for Dr Finlay.

Baptist Chapel, Doals. PUBLIC BREAKFAST on GOOD FRIDAY MORNING Breakfast on Table at 8.30. Tickets 1s6d each.

NEWCHURCH IN ROSSENDALE. THE ANNUAL SHOW of Horses, Cattle, Poultry, Pigeons and Dogs will be held on April 29th 1889. Upwards of £56 in prices. W.J. LONSDALE, Secretary.

Baptist Chapel, Waterbarn. Re-opening of Organ, tomorrow (Sunday) April 7th 1889 by Irvine Dearnale, Esq.

That the Wesleyans of the Bacup Circuit have contributed during the past twelve months for their local church purposes the magnificent sumo £10,000 is doubly gratify8ing, because it proves that Nonconformity is still vigorous in Bacup, and it also proves that, notwithstanding the out-cry of "hard times," neither Bacup employers nor their workpeople are in immediate danger of the financial embarrassment represented by the story of the widow's mite.

Extraordinary Longevity - A link with the past.
We have this week to record the death of one of the oldest inhabitants of the district - one who was born in the last century. We refer to the last Mrs Ann Hudson, relict of the late Richard Hudson of Underbank, who was interred at Bacup Cemetery on Wednesday last. She came of a family noted for their longevity, and was related to the Lords and Laws of Rossendale. She had a vivid recollection of her grandfather and grandmother, who were amongst those who went on Seat Nose, dressed in red cloaks, &c, so as to have the appearance of soldiers, when Prince Charlie passed through Lancashire, after the battle of Prestonpans, in the year 1745. She was the youngest of a family of seven, all of whom lived to upwards of 80 years of age, with the exception of one, who was killed in a coal pit. Her father and mother, grandfather and grandmother, all lived over 80 years, the average being 83 years One brother was in the Life Guards, and served in the Peninsular War, and also took part in the Battle of Waterloo, for which he obtained a medal. Another brother served in Canada during the east brush with America. The deceased was in her 90th year.

Rawtenstall Cattle Fair - The monthly cattle fair was held on Tuesday, on the market ground, adjoining the Ram's Head Inn. About 50 head of cattle were shown, and there was a ready sale at good prices.

SION BAPTIST SCHOOL, CLOUGHFOLD. On Saturday the young men of Cloughfold Baptist School gave a meat tea and entertainment, in order to augment the fund being raised towards re-carpeting the chapel. The whole affair proved a grand success. The young men served the tea, and many were the fines inflicted upon the fair sex, who would insist on giving them a helping hand. The entertainment was presided over by the Rev W.C. Davis B.A. pastor. It was announced that the proceeds of the day, together with several subscriptions, would bring the fund up to £100, which would amply sufficient to buy all the carpets required

TEMPORARY LICENCE - Mr J.E. HeHoworth, of the blue Bell, Newchurch, applied for a license for Newchurch Football field, on A April 6th and 13th from two to five pm and the application was granted.

Rossendale FC beat Haslingden Church Institute by four goals to two in the semi-final of the Rossendale Charity Cup by

(Pg 6 includes a detailed description of the meeting in Waterfoot to discuss the proposed incorporation of Rawtenstall.)

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