Quaker burial ground

Back in September the Religious Society of Friends in Crawshawbooth held an open day as part of the heritage weekend. I was thrilled to discover that they still had artefacts from the original meeting house at Chapel Hill which were transferred to the current meeting house when it opened in 1716. These had survived intact on their new site for nearly 300 years including at least one major flood. This is described below - ‘Artefacts’ 14 Sept and ‘Q is for Quaker’ 19 April.

Shortly afterwards I was thrilled to receive an email from one of the Friends forwarding a copy of the transcript of the internments in the old burial ground at Chapel Hill and those in the Crawshawbooth meeting house. As the burial ground was in use between 1663 and 1847 this was an exciting document, all the more so as I understand that the original was lost in the aforementioned flood. I’m glad that someone had the foresight to make a transcript.

The spreadsheet is not intuitive but is offered unaltered on the Quakers in Chapel Hill page.

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