Bridging the gap.

When Rossendale emerged from forest law in 1507 the vaccary of Deadwenclough was let to Jorden Brugge and others. 1566 and land in Bacup was claimed by John Lord and Thomas Robertshaw in respect of their wives, the daughters of Christopher Bridge of Deadwenclough. 1608 and Francis Brigg and Adam Bridge are copyholders in Deadwenclough. Bridge family members appear frequently in the Clitheroe Court Rolls for this period; obstructing highways, failing to control animals, failing to maintain footpaths whilst engaging in land transfers and, on at least one occasion, acting as churchwardens.

Although not strictly in Deadwenclough, some of these entries link the Bridge family with the enclave of Lower Booths around Chapel Hill, being tenants at various times of Chapel Hill farm, Meadowhead and other farms in the area. It is clear that the Bridge family were involved in land in the Deadwenclough area around Springhill.

I was interested therefore when transcribing the graves in Sion churchyard to find the grave of George Bridge, b 1824 Chapel Hill, d 1886 Cloughfold. It is possible, even probable, that this George Bridge is a descendent of the early Bridge residents in the area. The challenge was, can this be demonstrated?

Well that's a challenge for the New Year then!

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