Rossendale Free Press 25 May 1889

A PUBLIC APOLOGy.- I hereby publicly apologise and express my deep regret to the Spiritualists for having, on Sunday last,May19th disturbed and otherwise annoyed them whilst engaged in their public service, and promise to never repeat the same. Signed, J.R. Ingham Rawtenstall, May 23rd 1889.

ROSSENDALE LIBERAL UNIONIST ASSOCIATION - A PUBLIC MEETING will be held in the Co-operative Hall, Bacup, on Tuesday, May 28th 1889 when addresses will be delivered by THE RIGHT HON. JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN, MP, Sir Joseph C. Lee, Professor Hopkinson and others.

TO LET, THE ASHLANDS Newchurch, a most desirable and complete family residence, with entrance lodge, pleasure grounds, kitchen garden, greenhouses, vinery &c, large stabling accommodation, loose box, carriage house, shipping &c, an abundant supply of excellent spring water to house and stables &c…

Red Lion, Cloughfold,
Mr A Law will Sell on Monday, May 27th as above, 2 capital draught horses, 2 brood mares, 4 head of cattle, 7 sows in pig, 12 young pigs. Sale at One o'clock.

The dispute which has arisen between the Rawtenstall Local Board and the Rossendale Gas Company about the quantity of gas supplied to street lamps does not promise to be easily settled…

The final of the Rossendale charity Cup [football] was played at Haslingden between Rawtenstall and Rossendale, with Rawtenstall winning 2-0.

THE WEATHER - The splendid weather of the present month has brought out the crops wonderfully in this district. The meadows have already begun to present quite a summer-like appearance, and look as though they will soon be ready for the reapers' scythe. Some of the farmers say that the crops re a full month earlier and of better quality than last year.

FOX SEEN AT LENCH - On Monday morning about five o'clock a farmer named Ward, living at Lench Farm, saw a fox inn of his meadows. On being alarmed it made towards Cowpe Low, and has not been seen since. Mr Ward has missed poultry of late, but has now solved the mystery as to the offender.

RAWTENSTALL CHRUCH CLOCK.To the Editor of the Rossendale Free Press.Sir:- Will you kindly allow me to ask your readers to aid me isn liquidating the small debt (£61) on the above. I am encouraged to ask this by the receipt of £5 from Mr T.H.Townsend. Donations may be paid through you, or to yours truly, J Norris, Vicar.

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