L is for Local Government

As described under 'G is for Game', Springill was part of the Forest of Rossendale and so subject to Forest Law until 1507. After that is was run in accordance with the customs of the Manor of Accrington New Hold in the Honor of Clitheroe.

The Municipal Corporations Act 1835 (5&6 Wm IV c 76) was introduced to achieve reform of Local Government. Prior to this Local Government had suffered from many of the problems affecting parliamentary constituencies with corporation jurisdictions which did not correspond with the location of populations, limited electorate and the power being concentrated in the hands of a small group of individuals who limited access to their ranks. The Act established a system of municipal boroughs which were governed by a town council which was elected by its ratepayers.

Many towns in the north of England were unincorporated and this act allowed them to petition for incorporation. Rawetnstall, which includes Springhill, was not one of them. Burnely was incorporated in 1861, Bury in 1876 and Accrington in 1878.

Rawtenstall Local Board of Health was formed in 1879 and Charles Patrick of Springhill was a founder member. The board petitioned for a Charter in 1887 which was declined, and again in 1889 which was finally granted in 1891. It was abolished in 1974, being incorporated with Bacup, Haslingden and parts of Ramsbottom to form the Borough of Rossendale.

Rawtenstall MB contained 6 parish level units of which Springhill was in Newchurch.

A local board was formed for the town in 1874 and the district it governed was extended to cover parts of the townships of Lower Booths (Rawtenstall itself), Higher Booths, Newchurch and Haslingden in the ancient parish of Whalley and Cowpe, Lench, Newhall Hey and Hall Carr, and part of Tottington (Higher End) in the ancient parish of Bury.[1] Subsequently Rawtenstall was incorporated as a municipal borough in 1891 and in 1894 a civil parish was created to match the borders of the borough.[1][2] Following the local government reorganisation in 1974 Rawtenstall became part of the Borough of Rossendale.