Springhill Landmarks #2

Whilst not exactly a landmark as such, Springhill House is the most prominent building in Springhill and described by estate agents as the 'principle building' in the area. It is not the oldest - Polefield Cottage being dated 1642 - but is the largest and most obvious, being described in newspaper reports as 'handsome and commodious'.

It was probably built in the late 1830s. It is present on an OS map surveyed in 1840 and enumerated by name (thank you!) in the 1841 census. There is a conveyance between Charlotte Ann Hargreaves and John Ashworth for land in Springhill in 1834 but that may have been for other reasons.

The original house was extended in the 1850s, it is thought when the spinster lady who lived there married and the household acquired a larger number of servants. The extension is a different type of stone to the original. Part of the extension, now Lawn House, can be seen here with Springhill House to the right.

Lawn house

The driveway originally swept round a front lawn to come to the front of the house. The lawn was removed and turned into a car park in the 1960s when Springhill House was used as a Nursing Home. To the right of Springhill House is an arched passage under the first floor of the building, this would have led through to the stabling.

to back of the cot