52 residents # 29 newsworthy

Springhill doesn't often make the news. In the C19, when the local papers recorded a greater range of activities in greater detail, there would be snippets of Charles Patrick's comments at local Conservative meetings or his name would be included amongst the winners of various shows. Prosecutions related to his work as a sub-inspector of factories would be described. Details of his philanthropic activities would be documented effusively in the manner of the time. But little that was truly juicy.

Then in 2010 a Springhill resident was convicted of harassment after sending threatening letters to the resident of his former home.

It transpired that Mr C (although the details are in the public domain) had his home repossessed after he was declared bankrupt and feels that the house was sold with 'indecent haste', presumably also felt to be below market value. The new owners moved in and shortly afterwards began to receive abusive letters from Mr C threatening to sue for repossession. He was prosecuted after ignoring orders to cease, convicted at Burnley Magistrates and given a 12 month conditional discharge.

Thankfully that's as newsworthy as it gets!

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