C17 distractions

I knew I shouldn’t have done it.
I knew I shouldn’t have ‘just checked’ in the burial records for Newchurch St Nicholas looking for the burial of Jordan Bridge in the C16. After all, I knew when he died from the manorial court rolls.
I should have known that once back in C17 records I’d spend too much time poking around the entries.
But I did it anyway.

I didn’t find Jordan Bridge’s burial as the records from that period are either missing or illegible.

But yes, I did spend ages backwards and forwards between marriages and births and burials linking families. It was all I could do not to pick up my pencil and start drawing trees out.

So that is probably it now. Once my current project mining the 1901 census is completed I’m heading back to the parish registers and transcripts of Clitheroe court rolls to start reconstituting these families.That will be fun. The aim is to produce a spreadsheet of the residents of Deadwenclough (as the area was known then) with some attempt at placing them in families.

That should keep me quiet for a bit.