1939 Register for Springhill

After hours of frustration I have finally completed the transcript of the 1939 Register for Springhill and the surrounding area. That runs to over 500 people. The transcript for the larger Deadwenclough area is work in progress and will run to tens of thousands.

I will do some detailed analysis of the results later but some initial thoughts:

  • The transcript is shocking in places but it doesn't help when the original is arranged in an apparently random fashion (why on earth did they take that route?) and place names are recorded incorrectly on the register itself. I have transcribed as written from the original scans, but know fine that it is Edge Lane not Hedge Lane as enumerated.
  • It is striking how many women are engaged in unpaid domestic duties, much higher than seen in the 1911 census. Again, I'll do a formal comparison sometime but it is marked.
  • Perhaps it is a mark of getting older but there are a number of individuals on that census who were a prominent part of my childhood. I knew they were dead of course, but seeing family friends turn into historical records is chastening.